How Dockside Green Energy Charges for Energy Service

Dockside Green Energy bills each strata corporation a monthly fee based on the total area of the space in the building, measured in square metres, and for the amount of energy used by each strata as measured by the meter located in each building complex. The strata for each building complex will in turn charge each member of the strata for the energy, likely based on a combination of the size of each suite and the energy used by each suite. An indication of the amount of energy used by each suite can be determined using the information meters located in each suite. These meters provide each tenant with information on the energy they consume from Dockside Green Energy as well as information on water and electric power use. These meters also calibrate a “carbon footprint”. The in-suite meters are owned and operated by the strata and are not part of the Dockside Green Energy system.

Customer Rates

The rates that Dockside Green Energy charges each strata or commercial customer are subject to regulatory approval by the British Columbia Utilities Commission. The current rate schedule is shown below:

  Basic Charge $/m square/month Variable Charge $/gigajoule
2008 0.22 12.88
2009 0.22 13.27
2010 0.23 13.66
2011 0.24 14.07
2012 0.25 14.50
2013 0.25 14.93
2014 0.26 15.38
2015 0.27 15.84
2016 0.28 16.32
2017 0.28 16.81
2018 0.29 17.31

Dockside Green Energy will bill its customers, the strata corporations and commercial entities, each month based on a two-part rate. The basic charge is a fixed charge applied on each square meter of floor space in the building or buildings comprising the strata corporation. The variable charge is applied on each unit of energy, measured in gigajoules, measured by the Dockside Green Energy meter attached to each building complex. Residents in the strata are charged by their strata association. These rates are subject to periodic review and change, and Dockside Green Energy must obtain the approval for all rates charged to customers from the British Columbia Utilities Commission.

Estimated average monthly energy bills for three different sized suites are provided below:

Suite size m2 Estimated monthly bill
56 $32
100 $57
112 $64

These are estimates of what individual suite owners may pay for energy service. Actual energy bills will depend on how the strata corporations choose to allocate the monthly Dockside Green Energy charges to individual strata members.



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