Renewable Energy and a Zero Carbon Footprint

The Dockside Green development has achieved LEED® Platinum designation as a sustainable community development. The Dockside Green Energy renewable district energy system is a key component in achieving this designation. Dockside Green Energy will utilize wood-waste gasification and, with future growth, sewer waste heat recovery technology to provide energy to residential, commercial and light industrial customers through a district energy system. Dockside Green is receiving global attention with significant media coverage in North America and is already recognized as one of the world’s leading examples of sustainable development.

By providing renewable thermal energy to both on-site and off-site customers, Dockside Green can achieve the goal of being greenhouse gas neutral with respect to the total energy use on the site. Expanding the scope of the Dockside Green Energy distribution utility to off-site customers generates economies of scale and provides greater access to the local community to more environmentally friendly energy sources.

TEAM Grant
Dockside Green has secured federal funding to offset some of the capital costs of the Dockside Green Energy system through Technology Early Action Measures (TEAM). TEAM supports late-stage development projects and first-time demonstration projects designed to reduce GHG emissions nationally and internationally while at the same time sustaining economic and social development. The TEAM program follows a unique approach that is built on incremental financing and extensive networking, and brings together industry, community, and international partners to encourage additional investment.

TEAM operates under the leadership of Natural Resources Canada, Environment Canada, and Industry Canada, with the participation of several other federal government departments and agencies in providing TEAM delivery programs. Projects that are eligible for TEAM support must be approved under one of these programs.

TEAM funding amounting to $1.5 million will be used to off-set a portion of the capital costs of constructing the Dockside Green Energy district energy system.


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